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The Association for Enhancing Educational Initiatives is developing a wide range of cultural and educational activities aiming to promote, enhance and develop the link between wide educational entities (such as schools, training centres, counseling centres) and local community. Activities developed by the association sustain projects in sciences, education, career counseling, prevention programmes&campaigns, non-formal education and artistic approaches.
The current core groups consist of 8 active permanent members, 3 board members and over 15 assistants in projects and non-permanent volunteers who work closely together in creating a community change in Iași. The association has the possibility to include a wider range of volunteers which are coming primarily from 2 areas: university students and seniors (mainly recently retired people who wish to remain active socially and professionaly).
The basic principle of the association is concentrated on volunteer basis. Members of the association are volunteering in running their activities using the association support and facilities. Teachers, students, trainers, educational involved people, cultural agents participate directly in sustaining such programmes.
The main focus of the association is supporting and encouraging people (youngsters, adults, seniors) from disadvantaged area of town (especially educational institutions that are placed in deprived areas of the city, in former worker districts or in rural area near Iasi). Association works with regular students, adult students, families, former migrants, persons coming from rural areas, teachers, trainers, faculty students volunteers.