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EIA, S.A. – Atlântica was created in 1996 as a public interest institution, is a reference, focused on the creation, transmission and diffusion of knowledge, sciences and technology through the articulation of studies, teaching, research and experimental
development in the areas of Business Sciences, Health, Information Technology and Engineering.
Atlântica has as its founding entity EIA – Ensino, Investigação e Administração, S.A., which represents Atlantica in the legal sphere and in its administrative, economic and financial management and, in general, the exercise of the powers granted by law to the instituting entities of establishments. of private higher education. Currently, Atlântica is a private university school of the Portuguese Higher Education System, with two schools: Atlântica School of Health and Atlântica School of Management Sciences, Health, Technologies and Engineering.
Our conviction is that education is a strategic investment because it makes people less resistant to change, more curious and more awake. They are also more committed to the
present and the future, adding more value through technological innovation of the structures. EIA, S.A. – Atlântica integrates different human resources into its organizational structure
and with a highly qualified and diverse faculty.
We are a teaching and research institution oriented to different audiences at various times of vocational and professional paths, thus meeting the needs of various target groups and organizations. EIA, S.A. – Atlântica also actively participates in national and international projects through a well-established network of partners, which can be found at the following
link https: .and .
EIA, S.A. – Atlântica aims at the principle of excellence, lifelong learning and the integration of humanistic, organizational, scientific and technological knowledge, as well as contributing to the promotion and development of communities, in cooperation with national and international reference entities. Providing services to the community enables the institution’s cultural affirmation and provides real-time complementary training for its teachers and students. On the other hand, service delivery meets the needs of the region that benefit from well-equipped laboratories and know-how.
Atlântica – School of Business Sciences, Health, Technologies has as its main objective the qualification of students from different study cycles to become professionals of humanistic and scientific-technical conception, active in society, in innovative areas of knowledge. whose importance will be felt in the modernization and development of the country.
Atlântica already has a consolidated track record and is recognized for its high quality, innovative and consistent higher education applied in all the various degrees integrated in its
training offer, which are divided into four strategic areas:
– Business Sciences,
– Health Sciences,
– Information and Communication Technologies;
– Engineering Sciences.
Currently in its organic structure, Atlântica integrates three departments of technological/scientific research and organizational development, namely:
– ASIB – Atlântica School of Industry and Business,
– ERCO – European Composite Research
Observatory and;
– CESOB – Center for Studies, Society,
Organizations and Welfare.
These research units are thus interdisciplinary and highly specialized in the different areas of action of the Atlântica that integrate the areas of Health, Business Sciences, Information Technologies and Engineering.
CESOB – Center for Studies, Society, Organizations and Welfare is the Research Center of Atlântica that integrates all existing areas of the School, in the field of Social Sciences, Business, Health and Technologies. The Center focuses on interdisciplinary research that can contribute to the quality of life of the population and to human development, from both local and global perspectives. In this sense, it aims to develop national and international research projects in cooperation with other research centers, which allows the real creation of value, thus contributing to a greater competitiveness and sustainability of organizations and to the well-being of their employees.
CESOB adopts the European Code of Conduct on integrity in research, and are based on the highest ethical standards and scientific integrity: developing applied research together with organizations, enabling real value creation, thus contributing to greater competitiveness and sustainability of organizations and for the welfare of its employees.
This research model is in line with the mission of the school that want to be a reference in applied research in Portugal and worldwide. The positioning of CESOB, which is distinctive in Portugal, allows the development of cultural ties and research with communities around the world.